Fascination Über turkey side excursions

It is a grand experiment in statehood, and one that is being conducted largely out of the limelight. Its seeming success is almost certainly disquieting for the Turks.

Nice to receive a tablet to watch movies despite not having screens. Good workaround. 3 legs of my roundtrip were late by 30 min. crew welches great however. Food welches ok. ORD

Eight young women from the Afrin training camp have been sent to Kobani, a mission with no return should the city fall. But the fight against the jihadists is not just a military mission, the Fernbedienung says: "It is more. It is also a fight against their macho demeanor." Some of the troops start laughing. "It exists here too, among the Kurds," she goes on. "This mentality that we belong to the men is one that we have to eliminate."

The plan arrived on time and landed on schedule. It was clean and there were no issues on this very short flight. SAW

Crew all had good attitudes which is nice. Late to board, slight cluster due to that. Being on time with connecting flights is apparently too ambitious. IST

Michalis hat seinen Lebensunterhalt wie Journalist verdient, war damit unzufrieden, hat einen Olivenöl-Händler kennengelernt, dem Dasjenige Handelsgut sehr an dem Herzen liegt, von diesem ein Anbot bekommen, es angenommen zumal macht jetzt hinein Öl. Da bietet es zigeunern doch an, Fleck bei Michalis anzurufen zumal mit ihm zu reden – über Journalismus ebenso Öl selbstverständlich. Holger Klein 1:13:48 WR196 Wowaspassiertländer

Den online verwaltbaren, ausgelagerten (Luxus-) Kleiderschrank plansoll es ab 2012 wenn schon in Europa darbieten, die Wahl fiel mit folgender Argumentation auf die britische Hauptstadt: "London has a concentration of high net worth individuals and fashion houses ...".

Food welches excellent. The built rein entertainment from movies to games welches amazing! It saves you space from having to pack a bunch of electronics. I always enjoy a window seat but the people next to me didn't get up at all!

The plane welches clean and appeared well maintained. The crew was very polite and professional. It welches a bit tight but, it’s a discount service so it was expected. FRA

Now the Turks have only themselves to blame. Thank goodness they are not yet in the EU, we like to see young women laughing.

den Malediven ist es nicht ungefährlich. Man sollte da höllisch aufpassen. Nebst vielen Krankheiten ist dieses Land sogar activities antalya ziemlich radikal islamistisch!

Völlig übermüdet habe ich den völlig übermüdeten Uwe Lübbermann getroffen zumal mit ihm über Premium geredet. Premium ist ein Unternehmen, Dasjenige Limo, Humpen ebenso Kaffee verkauft des weiteren dabei versucht, anständig nach ausruhen. Rein der Ökonomie ist Dasjenige nicht immer so einfach. Ausführliche Sendungsnotizen haben @johannes_k, @gurkitier, @Quimoniz, @evitabley des weiteren uwe geschrieben. Vielen Dank! Völlig übermüdet habe ich den völlig übermüdeten Uwe Lübbermann getroffen des weiteren mit ihm über Premium geredet.

I an dem sure we will be repeated at some point hinein the future so hopefully we will work together on the planning again

Noise cancelling headphones make the long flight a lot more bearable and relaxing. I like HOW they build the menu even though i have allergiee ane cannot eat everything.

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